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When motion becomes e-motion

WI from Belgium are world player and experts in motion technologies that create poetic, unique and spectacular stage effects. The whole idea of our business is to translate creativity into exclusive visual experiences. Think of aerial artists, all kinds of objects moving and rotating, stages emerging from the floor or gliding tribunes with audiences seated on them. Immersive video integration with all show elements combined is the new hot thing. Static is out. Holistic is in. Spectators don’t want to watch a show anymore. They want to be right in the middle of the emotion.

We love to say we just move it all

And this is thanks to our own WIMOTION system: 1 solution 360° for all automated elements of a show fluidly integrating with dynamic video content, light, sound and all kinds of special effects from simple moves to highly complex configurations. But for us, every great idea is a challenge that finds its way to our hearts and our tech.

WICREATIONS portfolio contains 250+ national and international projects many of which are giga shows such as The Rolling Stones, Beyoncé, the Rammstein Tour or Eurovision. But we also focus on theatre (Aida / Wizard of Oz), musicals (‘40-‘45 War Spectacle Studio 100) and opera (Göteborg Opera House).

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Motion for every kind of dream

That’s our mission. Create brilliant stages for Local Heroes as well: DJ’s, theatre and musicals, smaller venues and more intimate experiences. That’s why we came up with budget friendly off the shelf motion solutions. And here comes our ECOSYSTEM. Challenge was to turn ‘engineer wizzardry’ into crystal clear transparency and make WIMOTION an affordable and fun to work with system for every entertainment pro.

Focus of course lies on accuracy and compliance with real tough safety standards (moving weights is not without risks). But also user friendliness is key. Motion, lighting, video, sound, SFX and other disciplines can now easily collaborate in full sync from different locations. Design can be done comfy at home with direct feedback. And full show pre-programming via

cloud finally gives every techie and creative the opportunity to see the show in advance exactly as it would be on stage. Great opportunity to maximize creative show potential before ‘le moment suprême’.